Trestles Surf Trip

Photography by Stefan Kocev

At Bodhi Case we like to take advantage of local surfing in Southern California by taking the men to Trestles, a hot spot in San Diego County. After a short drive we park the van and the men walk 15 minutes down the trial to the ocean along wetlands and local wildlife.

Trestles park is home to a lot of animal life including the California brown pelicans. These birds used to be on the endangered species list, but thankfully the population has completely recovered.

Trestles has managed to remain a kind of Mecca, where surfers can come together and celebrate their passion. Surfing is a technical and physical sport, but it is also a lifestyle that can cultivate respect for the environment, love of travel, and connection with others.

When one of the Bodhi Casa men glide along the green-blue face of a wave for the first time, he experiences a moment where everything else ceases to exist. Perhaps there is some other primal psychology at play, but at Bodhi Casa we believe that surfing is a sport that strikes the perfect balance between serene meditation and a transformative adrenaline rush.

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