Big Sur


Scientific studies have shown that when an individual is grounded in nature, their electrical potential becomes equalized through a transfer of electrons from the Earth to the body. At Bodhi Casa, we are always looking for opportunities for the our sober men, to experience outdoor behavioral health by disconnecting from the over stimulation of city life.

And what better place to do that-than in Big Sur?

In a recent Outdoor Adventure Therapy, the men in transitional living took a trip which included an exploration of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Point Lobos is outstanding for sightseeing, photography, and connecting to one another on a much deeper level. As the men hiked through coves and rolling meadows they saw wildlife including seals, sea lions and sea otters. At one point, the men followed the shoreline that led to a hidden cove and visited a small cabin built by Chinese fishermen. The men’s curiosity was peaked as they learned about the rare plant communities, endangered archeological sites, along with the unique whaling history of Los Lobos Reserve.

Later they night, when the men sat around by a fire, they had a 12-step meeting, under the tall redwoods and a blanket of stars where they reflected with gratitude on their sobriety and the time they were able to spend together in nature.

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