Rock Climbing In Recovery // Bodhi Casa Annual Joshua Tree Adventure

Photography by Stefan Kocev

In fall when the weather starts to cool off Bodhi Casa heads out to Joshua Tree, the epicenter of rock climbing to take the men on some adventure therapy. Studies have found that compared to other fitness activities such as running or biking, one of the benefits of bouldering are the cognitive challenges of the sport. Bouldering requires high levels of concentration, so the men are forced to focus on what’s right in front of them. This helps alleviate rumination and anxiety which are the main characteristics of depression.

Using top ropes and various trade routes the more experienced rock climbers introduced the men to the sport. This creates social interaction and builds trust while also boosting cognitive abilities such as concentration, strategic thinking and goal setting.

After a couple days of camping, hiking and bouldering the men come back to the house with a sense of accomplishment after finding a tool that can help them with emotional regulation in the future

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