Labyrinth Art Excersice & Mindfullness Walk

Photography by Stefan Kocev

Labyrinths have been around for thousands of years. The circle and the spiraling path are an ancient symbol that represents wholeness. Today, labyrinths are used as a form of a walking mediation and a mindfulness tool. The labyrinth represents the metaphor of one’s own life-journey while allowing us to have a direct experience with it.

One of the men’s favorite excursions in extended care was a contemplative trip to Palos Verdes where the focus was on mindfulness. The therapist who facilitated this activity, invited each of the men to walk silently through the labyrinth, using imagery of heading towards their own center as they went deeper into the circle. Afterwards, the men made their own bracelets, each one symbolizing their deepest intentions. Finally, there was time for reflective writing and sharing their experience with one another where the men were able to bond even more.

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