Cooking With Chef Emily

Photography by Stefan Kocev

We like to incorporate skill building activities in the men’s routine and one of the men’s favorite gatherings is cooking together as a community. We realize these much needed life skills will help the men to not only develop practice of self care but prepare them for independence once they transition out.


At Bodhi Casa we believe in the connection between mind and body. We are fortunate to have Chef Emily come volunteer her time and share her passion of cooking with the men. As an exceptional teacher Emily helps the men build the necessary skills required for budgeting, planning, organizing and ultimately preparing healthy snacks and nutritious meals.


Here are other skills the men learn from culinary class:

  • Following instructions.
  • Learning good nutrition and eating habits.
  • Learning good manners.
  • Learning about health issues from eating food such as sugar and how it is related to obesity.
  • Interest and knowledge of food.
  • Building connection
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