The Founder

"The key to life is wanting for others what you want for yourself and helping them achieve it.” -Desmond Tutu

This is a philosophy our founder Stefan Kocev has made a cornerstone of his life.

A California native Stefan is a devoted husband, father, outdoor photographer , and martial arts teacher holding a rank of black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Stefan has been helping families struggling with addiction and mental illness since 2003. Recognized for his leadership skills, and for incorporating his passions of environmentalism, meditation, and activism into his practice.

He attended Western State in Colorado, where he focused on outdoor education and worked as a professional white water raft and wilderness guide. He integrates his extensive experience and strong belief in the therapeutic and mindful grounding effects of nature through Bodhi Casa’s many extensive outdoor trips.

Stefan is also very active in charity and humanitarian innitiatives, working to support a range of non profits including Every Mother Counts, Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation, The Baryshnikov Arts Foundation, Life Rolls On, Heal The Bay, Home Boy Industries, The Rockson Gracie Foundation among others...

With a focus on providing a culture of fulfillment for the residents and families of the Bodhi Casa community, he places his values in-line with the 12-step program—always striving to be in service to everyone he comes in contact with, creating and cultivating a platform for others to find passion for life and the healing experience of helping one another.

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