Red Rock Trail Cleanup & Hike

Photography by Stefan Kocev

Less litter on wilderness trails brings benefits to animals and humans alike. Not only is the litter unsightly, but it also poses danger to animals that may ingest it. Since nature gives us so much to be thankful for, at Bodhi Case it’s imperative to teach the men to be mindful of the impact they are having on the environment.

Stefan, an environmentalist himself, demonstrates simple ways to be mindful of impact by initiating a clean-up and a hiking trip to Red Rock in the local Santa Monica Mountains. With a trash bags in hand, each of Bodhi Casa’s men take to the trail looking for any unsightly trash. This direct interaction creates connection between nature, which can hopefully change how they interact with the environment in the future.

The Red Rock trail itself features numerous sculptured sandstone formation which provides interesting scenery. The first part of the trail winds around arches and caves created by rock formations. After the clean up the men were able to enjoy the park by climbing up a large boulder to gain access to the sweeping views of Red Rock Canyon.

Abalone Cove
Abalone Cove Reserve is located right off a main road that hugs the coast of Rancho Palos Verdes. While visiting there, the Bodhi Casa men enjoyed the isolated beach, the tide pools and the beautiful bluff-top viewing areas. The men hiked down a dramatic trail which led to the State Ecological Preserve that is an important part of local natural marine resources.

On this particular day the men had fun cliff-jumping, snorkeling and ocean kayaking that resulted in a free dive where they were able to explore the kelp beds that resemble a national forest underwater. Later on, the men slowed down to watch as the sun set like an orange ball of fire with white stripes of light crisscrossing the horizon, giving them an opportunity to reflect and be grateful for yet another sober day.

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