Welcome to Bodhi Casa Sober Community. At Bodhi Casa we strive to awaken one’s true self, by rebuilding lives through unity, service and recovery. We focus on mind, body and spirit, bridging the gap between families, achieving dreams and regaining an effective place in society. The Bodhi Casa Sober Community is a structured healing environment nestled in the heart of beautiful Hermosa Beach.  We specialize in helping men transition from a life of addiction into everyday living within the community.

“Our primary purpose in this life is to help others.”


At Bodhi Casa all residents are required to be proactive in their recovery, and follow their individual recovery plan. By learning to address their specific needs and problems, residents at the Bodhi Casa are encouraged to build on their strengths and utilize the tools provided by our compassionate staff as well as a 12-step program. A sober community is instrumental in early sobriety because it affords each individual time to develop and maintain a discipline of day-to-day living that is practical and coincides with long-term sobriety.


Our staff is committed to helping each client regain a life of meaning and fulfillment. Responsibility and accountability are integral parts that are stressed within the structure of Bodhi Casa. With years of sober experience, our staff has designed a clean and supportive healing environment, which allows each individual the freedom to continue to move towards a healthy and constructive way of life.

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