At Bodhi Casa, as in life, it is important to gain self-esteem and to continue to challenge oneself in order to build on experience that shows you are capable of achieving your goals. By putting one foot in front of the other, the Bodhi Casa men were able to ascend Mount Gould which was a 13,000-foot climb across switch-backs, trail-less peaks and gorges. They were able to do this with the guidance and direction of Stefan, who had researched the trails weeks in advance.

While many people hope for a life without problems, the men at Bodhi Casa’s Extended Care learn how adversity can shape who they are in the world. Stefan knows from his own experience that challenges and obstacles are important part of life and you can learn from them if you are paying attention.

As the men climbed up rows of switch backs, as they passed through scree fields and over landscape that was reminiscent of the moon, they did it mostly in silence. Until finally, with a deep satisfaction they arrived at their destination, about 1000 feet off of half dome, to take in 360-degree views of billowing white clouds and a dramatic backdrop of the Sierras.

To memorialize this special event the men signed the register, adding their names to a long list of other hikers who had achieved the exact same dream.

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