Lake Powell // Grand Canyon Adventure

Photography by Stefan Kocev

Adventure therapy uses the natural environment to elicit change by using experiences to build trust through activities in high adventure and outdoor expeditions. At Bodhi Casa we sometimes partner with other transitional programs so the men can enjoy these excursions together. What better place to do this than at Lake Powell, in Arizona where there is an abundance of opportunities for fishing, swimming and weight boarding.

Lake Powell is in the midst of countless natural formations and monuments. With a myriad of side canyons off the narrow channels giving just enough space for a small boat, they twist and turn away from the lake, and make way for fascinating opportunities for the men to explore. The cliffs which are petrified sand dunes are colorful due to the mineral composition of the earth as it mixes with water to create a spectacle of nature’s art.

The men enjoyed the comforts of a houseboat before taking off on a four-day water rafting trip deep into the Grand Canyon. Each day was started with meditation and breakfast before heading out on the river or hiking the nearby slot canyons only to stand beneath breathtaking waterfalls. After a full day of this the men would have a meeting around the campfire, expressing their gratitude under a blanket of stars.

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